Syrian Crisis – Inspiring Stories from Irak, Lebanon & Jordan


Watch Omar, Eesra, Amsha and others from Syria and Lebanon, tell us their stories.
Their lives and the lives of their loved ones were shattered as the Syria crisis affected millions. Yet, they started all over again to help themselves and those around them cope with the new situation.

The EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis supports more than 25 projects in Lebanon. These projects are helping some 1,618,500 Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians, like our heroes in this mini documentary, to have a better life.

The EU Regional Trust Fund supports up to 2 million Syrian refugees, local communities and institutions in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, the Western Balkans, and Armenia. It has mobilised almost €1.5 billion to date.


Director: Caroline Van Nespen
Photography: Yann Verbeke
Edit: François Gonz
Producers: Kaos Films
Language: English
Lenght: 3 x 10 min
Locations: Irak, Lebanon & Jordan
Year: 2018